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PostSubject: Read this before posting!   Read this before posting! EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 1:17 am

Professional Event Help Thread

Hello everyone, welcome to the PROFESSIONAL EVENTS thread section.

Here you'll find all the upcoming Professional Events that are being formed and updated for final execution. Have a good idea? Know some connections and want to present it to the campus? Post a THREAD and let the brothers discuss it!!

View all of the available events that are listed; each thread will be a single event that will contain the proposal and description. Most importantly, the first post will also contain various job descriptions that will help you guys know what the coordinators are requesting of brothers.

The event will be updated and edited through the thread on the FIRST POST. Brothers who are in the Event team will update their end on the thread page.

Rules you MUST follow

1)We ask that those who wish to help, would PM the coordinators of the role they wish to assume. Do NOT post your desire of a role on the thread. It wastes space, and we don't want too many pages of things that can be done outside of the thread.

2) All events must go through the approval of coordinators for them to be posted on the thread. Any events that are not and are posted requesting assistance WILL be DELETED.

3) Please try to refrain from inputting humorous and non-related discussions on the official event threads(All other threads are free for discussion). Those posts found excessive on the STARRED OFFICIAL EVENT THREADS will be DELETED
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Read this before posting!
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