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 Annual Flatiron Spring Food Festival

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PostSubject: Annual Flatiron Spring Food Festival   Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:53 am

Event:Annual Flatiron Spring Festival

Project Coordinator: BAILEY HU

Date: TBA

Time: 11-4:00 PM

Area: 25th street (may extend along and off campus)

(PITCH, Scenario, Description of Idea):

Alpha Kappa Psi will be hosting an annual food (and possibly other) festival. Invited to this event are all privately owned restaurants and fast eateries in the FLATIRON district(Which is drawn and can be viewed with their private brochure).

Purpose: To invigorate the diverse culinary culture and create an avant garde event that is set on a smaller scale compared to the NYC Film and Food Festival. We also wish to provide the college, restaurants, and sponsors brand recognition. With our sponsors, we will aid them in their process of marketing their services/products during and after the event. The underlying intention for Alpha Kappa Psi is to increase their semester budget by generating a large sum of revenue off of the proposed event. It is also, as mentioned to promote our Chapter recognition on campus.

Team Needed: 10

(0/3): Corporate&Restaurant Proposal
(0/7): Brain Trust/Forward presentation

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Annual Flatiron Spring Food Festival
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